A mémoire and lifehacking manifesto

Thrive despite.

If you're bored of the tired problem>generalization>platitude>strategy formula that most self-help books follow you'll enjoy this memoir of adventures, failures, and unexpected successes across three continents. I'll share some powerful tools for transformation - biohacking, flow state, an optimistic red pill mindset, and smart drugs - with which I've managed to pack several lifetimes' worth of peak experiences into a single decade.

    Don't worry, this is NOT a "lead magnet" for an overpriced self-help course.

    "Jonathan is a young guy who has had a wider than usual range of experiences the stories of which he recounts in a very interesting and engaging manner but more than that he is a leader in the biohacking and self improvement space and this book is full of useful/actionable information and the results of his self experimentation."

    Chris Newham

    United Kingdom

    What's Included with sample download:

    Three chapters...

    • Lifehacking Your Looks
    • How to Suck at Life
    • Social Dynamics Secrets of Elite Socialites

    In audiobook (MP3s), mobi (for Kindle), and epub formats

    What's in the book...

    • Lifehacking your looks
    • Biohacking is the gamechanger
    • Finding flowstate
    • Beating depression
    • Advanced mindset transformation
    • Mental health hacks
    • Life lessons from entrepreneurship & travel
    • Lifehacking self-determination

    And much more!

    Includes audiobook