New book for men

Women are dangerous.

Good, yet naive, men routinely wreck their lives because they “stick their dick in a blender” — having sex with the wrong kinds of women. STDs, unplanned pregnancies, false accusations, mental health headcases, and divorce make chasing skirts a dangerous game. While lesser men retreat from the pursuit of women into the pixel-powered pleasure world, you have faith that your hunt for a virtuous woman will be fruitful.

    Don't worry, this is NOT a "lead magnet" for an overpriced self-help course.

    "Offers a good view, of the value of meaningful relationships with women, compared to a lot of the "red-pilled" stuff out there, which preaches abundance at the cost of a meaningful relationship. The book was quite analytical in its approach with relationships. The dynamics of a healthy masculine/feminine relationship was painted well, but I also liked the self-improvement techniques which were advocated to help create a healthy relationship. The anecdotes were another source of value in this book; the stories helped to spice things up a bit while allowing for a bit of relating with the author.

    For a younger guy, this book paints a good picture: you don't have to be (nor should you want to be), a player whose world view is based out of abundance. This book shows that you can gain confidence and become a sexually viable man through having wholesome and meaningful experiences with women."


    Nashville, TN

    What's Included with sample download:

    Four chapters...

    • The Inevitable Uncondoming
    • Playing with Fire
    • Dating in the Post-COVID-19 Era
    • The Hero’s Journey from No Fap to Tantric Sex

    In audiobook (MP3s), mobi (for Kindle), and epub formats

    What's in the book...

    • Dating in the Post-COVID-19 Era
    • Dating and Marrying Exotic Foreign Women
    • Seducing a Virgin
    • The Siren Song of Online Dating - How to NOT Waste Your Time
    • Where to Meet a Nice Girl
    • The “Red Pills” Without the Hopelessness
    • Sex and Dating Hacks
    • The Hero’s Journey from No Fap to Tantric Sex

    And much more!

    Includes +18-hour audiobook